Drop in Enquiries to Your Private Clinic? This May Be Why


If you’ve noticed a drop in your traffic to your website, or if you’ve noticed a drop-off in enquiries and bookings through your clinic, it might be because Google’s currently rolling out another algorithm update. This time it’s called The Helpful Content Update. This follows hot on the heels of their August core algorithm update.

Now, what that means is that the helpful content is intended to promote sites that have just that – content which is helpful to users. There are a lot of sites that have seen some damage from this Google core update, and they are losing traffic. So, we’re going to have a quick look at those today.

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Circle Healthcare

So, the first one is Circle Health Group. You can see that their traffic was growing until August, and now you can see in September it’s taken quite a hit. Actually in the last 30 days the number of keywords that they ranked for has gone down by 16,000. The website traffic is estimated to have reduced by around 20,000 visitors per month.

Nuffield Healthcare

It’s pretty much the same story for Nuffield. You can see that again their traffic was rising but now it’s dropped off. Not quite as extreme as Circle but still pretty high. Their traffic has dropped by an estimated 55,000 visitors per month.

Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare too, once again the same story. Growing, growing, growing traffic, and then it’s dropped off, this time by 34,000 visits per month.

Ramsay Healthcare

Ramsay Healthcare now, these guys are doing pretty well, their traffic is only down 2,000 visitors per month so that’s quite interesting, something to keep an eye on.


And last of all, Bupa have probably had the biggest losses as part of this helpful content update. You can see that their traffic has dropped by, 327,000 visitors per month. So, a really big loss there. They used to have the featured snippet, they were right at the top of search results, they’ve dropped three places and that’s cost them 40,000 businesses per month potentially. These stats are always a little bit of a guess and not 100% accurate, but it does give us some indications.


So, if you’re noticing that you’re getting less enquiries over the last week or two, this could be one of the reasons why. It might be that your site has been affected by this helpful content update. If that’s the case, then get in touch. I’ll be happy to take a look at your site and give you a free video SEO site audit. And if you’ve got any questions or comments, just leave them down in the comments section below.