Google Guaranteed – Coming to UK Clinics Soon?

Google Guaranteed – Coming to UK Clinics Soon?

Date: 11th May 2022

What is the “Google Guarantee”?

Google Guaranteed is a consumer protection guarantee, offered on selected services in specific industries. Offered at Google’s discretion, the guarantee is available in the UK subject to certain restrictions.

The Google Guarantee badge looks like a green circle with a white tick in the centre, like this:

Owners and managers of certain businesses can apply for this badge to be displayed on their local services listing to indicate that Google may provide a guarantee for this listing’s services.

It signals another aspect of SEO for Healthcare that clinic owners and managers are advised to “keep an eye on”.

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So what does this mean for private clinic owners and managers?

This feature is currently only available to specific types of clinics. In future, this could be expanded and offered to more private clinic owners and managers in certain fields in the near future.

What consumer protection does it offer?

According to Google, the maximum guaranteed amount in the UK is £1,500. The actual amount reimbursed can be any amount below this limit, up to the full price paid for the service. It is worth noting that this figure is a lifetime limit per customer and does not include add-ons, cancellations, future projects, dissatisfaction with price or provider responsiveness. Google also emphasises that any reimbursements issued are at its ‘absolute and sole discretion’. 

What are the benefits of being Google Guaranteed?

Google says that the Google Guarantee symbol helps to build consumer trust and helps businesses build a trusted reputation online. This would obviously be a huge draw for potential clients looking for reputable clinics. 

Is my clinic eligible to apply for a Google Guarantee badge?

Currently, in the UK, only a small selection of service categories are eligible to apply for the Google Guarantee, mainly tradespeople and domestic services such as carpenters, electricians and handymen. However, in the US, certain healthcare services such as Weight Loss and Acupuncture are eligible to apply, so it is possible that Google will extend the eligible business categories in the UK to include these types of healthcare businesses in the future.

What is the Google Guarantee application process?

Currently, in order to apply for Google Guarantee, background, business registration, insurance (and if applicable) license checks are conducted by Google to ensure they are guaranteeing businesses that meet their professional requirements. There is currently no charge for the background checks and a credit check is not a part of the application process. For more information on Google Guarantee’s screening and verification process, click here:

My clinic isn’t eligible for the Google Guarantee. Will it be expanded to include other clinics and healthcare services in the future?

As Acupuncturists and Weight Loss advisors have already been approved to sign up for the scheme in the US, it is not unlikely that similar clinics in the UK could soon follow suit. As the UK guarantee only covers consumers up to a maximum of £1,500, it is more likely that the guarantee would be offered to clinics that have a high turnover of patients looking for small outpatient procedures and consultations such as private dentistry, dermatology, aestheticians, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. If you’d like some help in assessing how your business can prepare to apply for Google Business Profile when it becomes available, and how you can have your clinic added to Google , you can always contact us.   

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Author: Geoff Meakin

SEO Consultant for Healthcare and Private Clinics