My Number 1 Tip for SEO Health Writing


My Major SEO Writing Tip

One major tip, which I’ve seen time and time again, is crucial when writing an article for the website. A lot of people fill their articles with waffle, adding a lot of preamble. They really want to set the scene and stage everything nicely before diving into the actual content. This traditional style of writing, however, is not the most effective for SEO. In SEO writing, you have to jump into the content straight away, answering the questions as quickly as possible.

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Examples in Practice

Let’s look at some practical examples:

  • NHS on Dermal Fillers: When searching for “Are dermal fillers safe?”, the NHS site comes up first. Clicking through, you’ll notice they don’t have a huge amount of text before discussing the safety behind dermal fillers – only 178 words.

  • FDA’s Approach: Ranking in second place, the FDA has even less preamble, with just 74 words before addressing the safety of dermal fillers.

  • This site has around 570 words before discussing “Are dermal fillers safe?”.

These three articles are all at the top of search results. In contrast:

  • Harley Street Medical Doctors: On page two of Google, this site has 1,300 words before addressing the topic.

  • Westbury Chemist: They have 966 words before starting to answer the question about dermal filler safety.

These two sites ranking lower down almost have double the word count before answering the topic.

Key Reminder

It’s a crucial reminder that when writing content for SEO, don’t worry about setting the stage or making it sound nice and friendly. Answer the question and do it as quickly as possible. You can then expand on that, talk about your services, why people should choose you over a competitor, and really pique their interest, but always try to answer the question as soon as you can within the articles.

So, that’s my tip for today. If you’ve got any questions, just get in touch.