video marketing for private healthcare clinics

A secret way to get your clinic more visibility? Short videos!

Date: 23rd May 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has firmly propelled the healthcare industry into the digital world. Pre-COVID, only 20% of GP practices had adopted digital technology for patient consultations. During the pandemic, this proportion increased to a massive 76.5%. But for private clinics, the embracing of video technology doesn’t need to end there. As private clinics are increasingly turning towards producing video content for marketing purposes, what are the benefits, and what sort of content is proving successful for marketing purposes? SEO for healthcare provider, Geoff Meakin of Healthcare SEO, explains all. 

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So, what kind of videos are we talking about?

With so much video content available, time-pressed viewers are increasingly looking to short video content to answer common queries or provide tips and advice, and this is true for healthcare related insights too. YouTube is reacting to this demand by now offering support for special ‘short’ videos of between 15-60 seconds duration. 

The new move towards shorter video content means clinics can quickly and easily put out new content reaching a wider audience in less time. On the flip-side though with other video content platforms such as TikTok and Instagram being available, it can be difficult to know which platform to use. It’s worth noting that Youtube is now THE number one website in the world and so, it stands to reason that this should be your clinic’s ‘go to’ solution.

But what type of content is best suited to short format videos?

Specific content

Choosing one small topic for your video will allow people searching for specific content to find exactly what they are looking for even if they only have a couple of minutes while they wait for their tube.

Topical content

Is there a healthcare related story trending in the news at the moment? Post a video with your take on the story and help patients understand how this might affect them, and why it might be a good idea for them to contact you.

Personal stories

Short, personal stories make clinical procedures more relevant and engaging for the viewer. Including before and after shots for certain procedures such as rhinoplasty, dentistry or breast surgery is a powerful way to convey the difference that your clinic makes to real people.

Wellness campaigns

Wellness campaigns in short videos are a great, easily accessible motivator. A short video, for example on what ingredients to include for juicing, will be informative and will help people get set for the day ahead.

Approachable advice

Some conditions are poorly understood, embarrassing or have some stigma attached to them. Examples might include sexual health or bowel conditions. Providing advice on such conditions in a short video can help people access the advice they need. Having already seen your informal but professional and approachable manner in a video, they may well be encouraged to reach out to you for a consultation.

Sharing complex data

A short video can help you break down and explain complex data using infographics to help make it more accessible and easily understood by potential patients. Examples may include blood chemistry, ECG traces or public health data.

My blog posts are already popular, why should I consider video content?

Stand out from the competition

Healthcare providers face major competition for authoritative healthcare content from websites such as WebMD, Mayoclinic, NHS etc. With sites such as these, that are full of written content and a well established authority online, the online healthcare market is saturated with written content. Video content will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors. 

Rank higher on search engines

Search engines are becoming more intelligent at indexing video content. Often surfacing videos within search results as well as the traditional list of sites we are used to. 

Regularly adding fresh, short videos will signal to search engines that your website is current, relevant and active, which should help your website to rank higher up on the search engine results. Additionally, there’s no reason that you can’t expand on the points raised in a long form blog post, which will also boost your website’s online presence.

Establish trust

Short videos can help to establish trust with potential patients. If viewers can see that you and your staff are confident, knowledgeable and approachable, this will encourage them to get in touch. Short videos are a great way to convey the friendliness and knowledge of staff, so use them to showcase how great your people are! 

Video testimonials are an engaging way to reassure patients and relatable stories will help potential patients see how your clinic might be able to help them in a similar way.

If you have invested in bright, modern facilities, a short video tour is a fantastic way to show off how clean and modern your clinic looks, and patients will know what to expect before they arrive for their appointment, putting their mind at ease. Whether you have a large car park, a tempting cafeteria or good transport links, a short video will demonstrate this far better than any written content could and will help demystify your clinic.

Engage potential patients and increase conversions

With YouTube being effectively the world’s second biggest search engine, it would be a wasted opportunity not to utilise this powerful tool to market your private clinic. Research has shown that people are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video, so why not use the same principle to advertise your services?

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Author: Geoff Meakin

SEO Consultant for Healthcare and Private Clinics