Get More Traffic to Your Private Clinic or Hospital with These 5 Weekly Activities

With hundreds of factors in Google’s algorithm wouldn’t it be great if you could rank your private clinic or hospital higher on Google without learning each and every single one of those factors?

If you’re like most clinic owners or marketing managers you’re probably overwhelmed and don’t have lots of time to invest, so it’s more important than ever to know where to focus your efforts. Sure, it would be great to do everything, but that’s not always realistic. Instead of doing everything that you read online about SEO, let’s see the activities that will produce the most impact on your business.

Weekly Activity One: Optimising existing content

Now optimising existing content is all about finding new keywords, sitting on pages two and three and optimizing for them.

To do this go to Google Search Console, and then look to see which pages are getting the most impressions, but little to no clicks.

Next you’ll want to click on those pages and look to see which keywords are getting a lot of impressions that are on page two or bottom of page one that you may not be talking about too much within your content. Then what you need to do is update that content to include those keywords.

You may also want to include those keywords within your title tag and your meta description. To improve your click through rate.

Weekly Activity Two: Consolidating Content

The next thing when it comes to updating content is consolidating content .For example, of you run a skin care clinic, youay have three articles on

  • Skin Care: The Ultimate Guide
  • The Definitive Guide to Skin Care
  • The Full Guide to Skin Care

So if you take those three articles, they’re basically all saying the same thing about skin care.

So what you’ll want to do is consolidate them because when you have multiple conflicting articles, Google won’t know which one to rank number one.

A lot of times you’ can see this when your pages alternate in the search results; sometimes “Skin Care: The Ultimate Guide” will be ranked page one, other times you’ll see “The Definitive Guide to Skin Care” is ranking page one. That’s because you’re sending conflicting signals to Google.

So how do you fix this? You take the URL that is performing the best, that has the most backlinks as well. Then you do a 301 redirect from the old articles to this new authoritative one. Combine those articles into one, taking all the best pieces of each. Then update all internal links going to any of the older URLs and then put them to a new one.

By doing that, what you’ll find is you’ll send less conflicting signals to Google and you’ll start ranking higher, not just for that page, but your whole site.

Weekly Activity Three: Refreshing Content

When we’re also talking about updating content, we want to consider refreshing content that brings traffic to your website.

There’s a lot of content that is already doing well and is generating traffic on your site. But what you’ll find is when you log into Google Search Console, some of these articles will drop in traffic over time, or they’ll continually rise.

The ones that drop, you’ll want to Google the terms that you were getting more traction for previously and see who’s ranking above you now.

What are those sites doing that you’re not? Fix that by updating the content on your site to make it better than all the competitors.

If your article is continually doing well, what are the keywords that are driving you this increase in traffic? What could you do to even make it more related to those keywords so that you can get even more traffic?

Weekly Activity Four: Competitor Analysis

Now, the next tactic that I want you to focus on is doing competitive analysis to guide your content efforts.

So we already discussed updating content.

Now, when we’re talking about competitive analysis, we want to look at areas such as: What topics are your competition writing about?

How in depth are they?

What are their top ranking pages?

What could you be doing to be better than them when it comes to creating content?

Can you go more in depth than them and create better, more informative or more accessible content than them?

By spending just 30-60mins on this each week you’ll start to see these benefits compounding over time.

Weekly Activity Five: Creating New Content

The last tactic to spend time on is creating new content.

So we talked about updating your old content, doing competitive analysis. Now let’s talk about creating new content.

Now the best way to do this is by creating “content clusters” around keywords that your website has the potential to rank for.

And that’s a really important point. You need to be able to realistically rank for the target keyword.

Let’s take our skin care clinic as an example. We can’t rank for the word “skin care” straight away. It’s just too competitive with huge companies and brands with an enormous budget taking the page one rankings.

Instead we need to focus on more specific terms that are actually going to lead to a visitor becoming a service user. Perhaps “skin clinic near me”, “what is a skin clinic” or “what skin type of skin clinic should I use?”.

In other words you want to focus your efforts right now on keywords that you have the potential to rank for, or else you’re going to be wasting time creating content that’s going to generate very little to no traffic.

So make sure you go in-depth around the topic. That way search engines will realise that your site really is the authority when it comes to skin care and so ranks you higher.

Now, if you need help with any of these five strategies, plus the other 195 plus other SEO factors, you can contact us. Or you can get started for FREE using our free SEO video review where we break down how you can use these techniques and many others for your website.