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Lesson One

Who is Geoff “The Healthcare SEO” Meakin

In this video, I walk you through who I am, what I do and why you should listen to me. You can learn more about me over at my ‘About‘ page too.

Lesson Two

Does Your Private Clinic Need SEO?

Today, I’m going to be talking about why SEO is important for your private clinic. In this video, I cover some facts and statistics that prove the value of SEO specifically for the UK healthcare industry. I also take a look at Google Ads and some of the reasons why SEO may be a better bet for your practice. Read more.

Lesson Three

Foundations of SEO for Healthcare pt.1

In this video I’m going to break down the six main steps you need to take in order to successfully promote your private clinic in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By the end you’ll have a basic working knowledge of what goes into an SEO campaign for your private clinic. Read more.

Lesson Four

Foundations of SEO for Healthcare pt.2

Let’s take a look at the six main areas you need to focus on in order to drive traffic to your healthcare site. On site optimisation, off site optimisation (link building), content marketing, local SEO, technical SEO and conversion rate optimisation. (CRO / UX). Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense right now. We’ll be exploring these more in future videos. Read more.

Lesson Five

Keywords for Private Clinics pt. 1

Everything in SEO starts with KEYWORDS 🔑 🔠 In this short two-minute video, I discuss:

  • Examples of keywords being used in private healthcare
  • What keywords are in healthcare
  • How keywords work for private clinics

Lesson Six

Keywords for Private Clinic pt. 2

Get ahead of your competitors by brainstorming words and phrases that potential patients might search for.

In this video I outline how to decide which terms to use and how specific you need to be to get EXACTLY the type of patients you need.

Combine these elements to create precise search phrases that resonate with your ideal patients.

For practical application, I’ve prepared a spreadsheet to streamline your keyword strategy, available via the link in this video’s description. You can view this here.

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how to do healthcare seo

In these videos you’ll learn how to…

  • Carry Out Healthcare Based Keyword Research Quickly and Easily For Your Local Area, The Conditions And Symptoms You Treat
  • Create a Laser Focused Content Marketing Strategy with Keywords That Align Directly with Your Business Goals
  • On-Site Optimisation That Puts You Ahead of Your Competitors
  • Analytics Tracking Set Up So You Can See What’s Working (and Fix What Isn’t!)
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracking So You Can Quickly And Easily See The Results Of Your Efforts
  • Technical Site Audit To Find Gremlins Lurking On Your Site That May Be Causing Problems For Search Engines
  • Blogging at Scale Quickly and Easily Using AI (whilst still keeping it personal, professional AND Unique)
  • Demonstrate Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-E-A-T): The New Big Part Of Google’s Algorithm For Healthcare
  • Google Business Profile Set Up and Optimisation Made Simple
  • Backlink Building That Saves Hours, Days or Weeks of Work To Establish You As An Authority
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation To Turn Visitors into Patients

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This will not be free forever.

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But Geoff, Why Are You Offering This Course?

I’m glad you asked and I’ll be completely honest.

Up until now, most independent practitioners and private clinics have had two choices; either attempt SEO themselves or shell out for an expensive agency.

But I believe there is a third way.

A “Done With You” SEO service aimed exclusively at the private healthcare sector instead of the traditional “Done For You” service. This is the perfect solution for consultants and practitioners who want to jump into SEO but aren’t ready to commit to a full-service agency contract.

I hope that by getting your private practice started with SEO, you’ll start to see some great results.

In time, you’ll have somebody you can trust (pssst… that’s me!). This way you won’t have to waste time and money trying (and failing) to learn SEO by yourself or forking out month after month without ever really knowing whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

Then when you’re ready, maybe you’ll choose to work with me as a consultant you can now understand and trust.

⚠️Warning! ⚠️

This will not be free forever.

The PREMIUM paid version is already in progress.

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