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VIDEO: How to Generate over £600,000 with an 8000% ROI from Content Marketing … Just Like Spire Healthcare

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Today, we at Healthcare SEO thought that we’d have a look at Spire Healthcare’s blog and articles to see what they’re writing and look at how your private clinic can use SEO and benefit from a similar approach. 

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First of all, we noticed that Spire Healthcare is coming up with content quite regularly. 

But it’s really worth looking at why exactly it is that they’re doing this. Spire is a big healthcare provider, so they probably don’t need to be putting out all this content. They already rank very well in search engines, so what’s the point? Why are they doing it? 

As an example of the type of content that they have, they have an orthopaedics article about bones and joints, looking at causes and treatments for hip pain and groin pain which delves into the anatomy of the hip joint and common causes of hip pain, which is all in depth kind of content.  

We can use an SEO tool like Ahrefs to analyse the Spire healthcare site. 

What we can see is that all their blog posts are contained on the website address

We can see that on all the other pages, they’ve written blogs about topics such as women’s health, female pain, groin pain, gallstones and many other subjects.

Each of these pages ranks for different terms. So for example, they’ve got a post about female groin pain, and that ranks really well for the term ‘groin pain, female’. Likewise, they’ve got a different page about Gallstones Diet and again, that ranks really well anytime somebody types in ‘gallstone diet’. 

But when we look back over the past six months or so, you can see this orange line here that shows us how much traffic they’re getting to their website from these articles. 

And you can see it’s gone from about 5,000 visitors per month in November 2021. Now, because they’ve been adding articles regularly, you can see that traffic is up to around 24,000 visitors per month. That’s just over the last six months. And it’s gone from 133 pages up to 220 in about six months, so they’ve added about 70 pages. In doing this, they’ve increased their traffic by almost four times. So that gives us a good indication that what they’re doing is working. The regular article postings are bringing lots of traffic to the site. But perhaps what’s more interesting than that is how much money they’re making as a result of it. I’ve broken the results down into a spreadsheet. 

Click here to view the spreadsheet.

You can see on here all the health hubs, specialty topics that they have which they’ve updated in the last six months or so. And then we can also see, roughly (we can’t get exact details) that they were getting about 4,000 visitors per month previously and currently they’re getting about 16,000 visitors per month. So that data backs up what we’re seeing in the graph. 

Next, we can look at the actual amount of traffic that they’re getting to these different pages – 16,000 visitors over the six month period. Now, imagining that just 1% of those businesses actually converted into becoming a Spire healthcare patient, what would that mean for Spire? It would mean that of these 16,000 visitors, they would get about 160 new patients.

Now, if we take those 160 new patients at Spire and examine the details about average operation costs, or average prices across different procedures, we can calculate a rough value of additional revenue resulting from these conversions.

The average price in the UK for a private medical procedure is about £4,000. So what we can then do is say, okay, maybe they’re getting 160 conversions. Maybe they’re getting 160 conversions at £4,000 expenditure each (roughly). That gives us a grand total of £647,000. This is from their blog posts: if they only have 1% of people who are going to those blog posts and converting, then that gives them £647,000 pounds.

However, there’s no doubt that whichever company is doing the SEO and the blog posts for Spire Healthcare are charging a lot – let’s assume that they’re charging about £100 per article (a conservative estimate). So for the 77 articles that have been created in the past 6 months, they will have invested let’s say £7,700 and they’ve got back £647,000 pounds. This is a return of 8,311%, a pretty amazing ROI.

And this isn’t just limited to Spire Healthcare, all the big providers are doing it. That’s the reason why creating content brings people to your site. Of course, not all of those people are going to become patients, it’s true, but you only need a small number of those visitors to become patients in order for it to be profitable, and for you to see a good return on your investment. 


But can you replicate this? Can you be as successful as Spite healthcare? The truth is yes, you can! Now granted, you can’t go in and start ranking straightaway for a search term such as ‘causes and treatments for hip pain and groin pain’. The likelihood is you don’t have enough authority with the search engines to rank for that straightaway. However, what you can do is start ranking for more specific terms, so that might be things like: ‘does hip arthritis cause groin pain?’ ‘What does it mean when your hip and your groin hurt?’.

These are things that you could rank for (and potentially very quickly) regardless of the size of your clinic, whether it’s a small clinic or a medium clinic. If you’re a large clinic, you can rank for that pretty much immediately. That is not to say that it is possible to compete with the big boys, rather, it is possible to start getting traffic to your site from search engines through content marketing. 

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