The SEO Healthcare Consultant for the Health and Medical Industry

About The Healthcare SEO

Hi, I’m Geoff – the SEO Consultant for Health and Medical Sites.

Who are you Geoff?

I’m Geoff Meakin, an SEO specialist with a focus on health and medical websites. Since 2013, I’ve honed a systematic approach to SEO specifically tailored for private consultants and clinics. No marketing jargon here, just straightforward facts.

My Background

Before diving into the digital world, I worked in NHS and private surgical theatres. This hands-on experience in the medical field gives me a unique edge in understanding your needs.

What I Do

I’m all about making your medical website stand out online using a systematic approach that’s been crafted over many years. My expertise is laser-focused on consultants with private practices, hospitals, clinics, and other medical websites.

Proven Success

Let’s talk results. I’ve consistently achieved substantial increases in website traffic for my clients. Even more impressive, these boosts often translate into a threefold increase in conversions. I’m all about getting real results.

Why Choose Me?

  1. Industry Knowledge: My healthcare background ensures that your SEO strategy aligns perfectly with your medical expertise.
  2. Proven Systematic Approach: I’ve fine-tuned a systematic approach to SEO that has delivered success for healthcare websites time and time again.
  3. Track Record: My past successes in driving traffic and conversions are a testament to my skills.

Get in Touch

Ready to supercharge your medical website’s online presence? Let’s have a conversation. Together, we’ll ensure that your website reflects your commitment to excellence in healthcare.